Whose hand is in your cookie Jar?

Let's find your website cookie stalkers!

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Comply with the Cookie Law Effortlessly


Designed for Everyone  

We don't believe in making compliance complex! Our solution has a user-friendly interface throughout, making it accessible for everyone on your team. Just plug it in and let it do the work for you.   

Comprehensive Reports   

Know everything going on at-a-glance! Get a comprehensive report including cookies stored on your device, source, purpose, and when they expire. You can keep track of the cookies on the backed network and re-purpose them according to your needs.   


Advanced Cookie Management   

What cookies are required? Will this be an exhausting task to segment? Not anymore! Our cookie scanner is built to identify and sort cookies per their need of importance. From advertising, analytics, social media, or anonymous cookies, a business can further segment the third-party cookies as per their need.   

Regular Updates

As privacy concerns grow day by day, laws keep getting more stringent, but you don't have to worry about it. Our team of experts is constantly on top of these changes and makes the necessary product updates. So, you can relax and stay compliant.   


Automated Cookie Blocking   

Advanced features enable GDPR compliance. Scans the third-party cookies and blocks them until users give consent. Manages compliance on multiple levels, so your business doesn't violate user preferences or choices without compromising user experience.   

Get ahead of the Cookie Laws

Get in Compliance with Consent.

What is Cookie Scanner?

A Cookie Scanner scans your domain and sub-domain for cookies. The scan results will be obtained category-wise, and the same will be fetched on the cookie category page. When you publish the cookies, the details of the cookies will be displayed category-wise to the domain users through the cookie consent banner.

How does a cookie scanner work?

A cookie scanner works on the same method as any search engine. It crawls the website, identifies all the cookies on your website, and segments it according to its tags. Analyzes the data collected and provides data about the cookies, for example, their purpose, duration on the website, origin, and Adzapier, enabling the option for managing and deleting unwanted cookies.

What are the benefits of using a cookie scanner?

A cookie scanner improvises the users' privacy and website performance. It helps website owners identify what cookies they need and what they don't, minimize the risk of any potential data at risk, and reduce penalties and non-compliance.

What should I look for in a cookie scanner?

Accuracy, ease of use, compatibility with different browsers, and the in-depth scan reports they provide. Cost-effectiveness and features to block or delete cookies.

Is Cookie Scanner free?

Some are free, and some are paid too! A free scanner is good for nothing and leads to maximizing data at risk; it is an open-source platform that can show your business wide open with non-compliance. A paid version has a dedicated framework and ensures you have control.